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2 Junntan PMx20 Pile Driving Rigs

Junttan PMx20 opens an entirely new era in piling. Based on the unsurpassed features Junttan piling rigs have become famous for, it efficiently combines modern manufacturing technologies and materials for further enhanced reliability, versatility and performance. Providing substantial improvements for overall rig operation, control and maintenance, it enables more convenient, efficient and profitable rig ownership than ever before.

Movax Sonic SideGrip Pile Driver SP-60

SP - series Side-Grip vibratory hammers are proven technology for sheet pile installation. The high frequency vibro is fast, accurate and safe method and suitable for driving sheet piles into variety of different soils. Its Side-Grip is capable of clamping most common U- and Z-section sheet piles. These pilers can be alternatively fitted with clamps for small diameter tubular steel piles up to 325 mm. The Movax is typically used with our CAT 330 Excavator.

*Dimensions and weights are the maximum values that can be handled with the piler.
**Driving a pile is a matter that is associated with the ground type

Crane Barge Seahawk

Crane Barge Viking

Crane Barge Manitowoc 3900

Various Material Barges

Alfred A – Tug Boat

Captain Bob – Push Boat