Marine Contracting Corporation

Marine Contracting Corporation Past Products

Cherry Branch Ferry Landing

This project was contracted with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to erect a second Ferry Landing. The project included the removal of existing bulkhead and anchor rods to allow for a new Pivot Bent, Bulkhead, Lift Bent, Concrete Counterweights, Steel Pipe Piles, Dolphins, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, the Ferry Ramp, and Epoxy Skid Resistant Overlay. The purpose of this additional ramp is to assist the North Carolina Ferry Division when unusably high or low tides are present.

Dominion Power Transmission Lines

This project was a pile driving subcontract to LE Myers who was installing a new Transmission Line from a Substation in Carson, VA to a Substation in Suffolk, VA. The project included 4 pile foundations 1,000′ on center for 90 miles. The challenge of this project was moving equipment and material through swamps, wetlands and over many roads and highways.

P201 V Aircraft Maintenance Hangar Sea Ramp

This project was a subcontract to Mortenson Contracting for the US Navy. This project included the installation of a large Cofferdam to allow the installation of a 100′ wide by 168′ long ramp into the Willoughby Bay at NOB/NAS to accommodate Sea Planes. This project included excavation and fill, concrete and steel sheet pile driving, and monolithically pouring over 2,000 yards of concrete pile cap and deck.

Pier C Turning Dolphin

Contract with State of Virginia to perform upgrades to the East corner of Pier C at Newport News Marine Terminal. This project included the demolition of a 50′ x 50′ piece of the existing pier to allow the installation of new breasting dolphin to aid container ships entering and exiting the port. 36″ Diameter x 160′ long concrete piling with a 5′ thick concrete cap were added to reinforce the pier.

Haven Creek Pile Driving

This project was for J Sanders Construction to drive the timber wood piles for a 600′ wooden walkway. The project was for the City of Norfolk and is part of their ongoing effort to revitalize Colonial Place and the Lafayette River Front.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

This project was a subcontract to WM Jordan to drive piles and build a concrete walkway through a pond at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, VA. For this project we used floating sectional barges to create a work platform for our 80 ton crane. We drove the piles, set pile caps, installed hollow core precast concrete slabs, formed and poured the topping concrete and curbs.

Oregon Inlet Scour Protection

This project was for the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The project was to provide Scour Protection to the Bonner Bridge on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It consisted of two layers of Ajacks 700 feet long at the deepest part of the inlet along both sides of the bridge. The projects intent was to prevent sand from scouring away from the Bridge Piling, therefore enhancing the structural stability of the Bridge.

V47 Boat Ramp & Floating Pier

This project was for the US Navy. A design build contract with Coakley & Williams Construction Inc., Marine Contracting and Liberty Engineering to construct a boat ramp, floating pier and mooring facility for the Navy’s newest attack boat. The project included the structural design and construction of a moderate cofferdam in rather deep water. Also, included excavation & fill, pile driving, installation of precast caps & planks, concrete topping slabs, and installation of two floating docks.